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Rosmerta Autotech Pvt. Ltd.

(An ISO/TS16949:2009 Certified Company)

The Regional Transport Authority,

(Andhra Pradesh)

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This is to certify that the Electronics Speed Limitation device/Speed Governor fitted is as per the details given below. It is checked, sealed and is functioning in all manners,

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Authorised Signatory


Authorised Signatory

  1. This is to acknowledge and confirm that we have got our vehicle bearing registration No.. AP31V7699 fitted with Speed Limitation Device Manufactured by M/s. Rosmerta Autotech Pvt. Limited bearing Sr.No. '457451' and Batch No. '04/2017'
  2. I Have checked the performance of the vehicle after fitment of the said Speed Limitation Device and confirm that the speed of the vehicle is set to - '80' KmpH and the unit is sealed at '5' Points and is functioning well in all respects.
  3. I have read the terms and conditions given overleaf and confirm that this Fitment Certificate is being issued on the basis of my understanding and acceptance to them. I also understand that all rights and obligations of parties will be governed by the aforesaid terms and conditions only.

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Rosmerta Autotech Pvt. Ltd.

Branch Off : 54/5/88, 2nd Cross 5th Road Auto Nagar Vijaywada Krishna Andrha Pradesh, VIJAYAWADA -520007 Email:,


  1. Renewal of this certificate shall be issued only after Re- Calibration of the SLD as per the state Rules.
  2. For Re-Calibration vehicle owner shall bring the vehicle to service point of the manufacturer.
  3. As per the guidelines every vehicle fitted with speed governor shall visit service point on regular specified intervals for calibration of SLD.
  4. All non - functional parts like sensor, Solenoid, PCB, Sealing kit and harnesses shall be charged extra.
  5. If seals are found broken / tampered, this fitment certificate will be considered as VOID and new certificate shall be issued only after Re-Calibration of the SLD.
  6. The Company shall not be under any obligation to provide any warranty service covered by this contract if damage is caused by :
    1. Natural disaster (earthquake, storms etc), man-caused disaster (fires, explosions etc.), riots, civil strikes, labor disputes, or due to other external influence.
    2. Improper daily upkeep and / or faulty operation or removal or tampering or misuse of the equipment by the vehicle owner/ Customer or third party.
    3. Installation and repair by any person/entity or third parties those who are not officially authorized by the Company.
    4. Any substantial modifications and / or tampering of equipment.
    5. In the above cases if the Repair necessitates the prolonged stay of the Company’s personnel at the site, then the cost of same shall be borne by the vehicle owner on actual basis.
    6. If the instrument is not used with good engineering practices and the instrument is damaged due to negligence or accident.
  7. Customer/Vehicle owner’s Obligations
      The Customer shall :
    1. Promptly notify the Company of all faults & defects in the equipment immediately on their occurrence.
    2. Provide all reasonable assurance to protect the speed governor’s mechanism during Operation of vehicle or repairing for other assemblies’ e.g. gear box, clutch, and engine or under carriage.
    3. Give the Company free access to equipment.
    4. Provide at no cost to the Company, all devices and fixtures that are necessary for Testing and maintaining operation.
    5. Provide adequate facilities needed for proper performance of service.
  8. I/we,Yalamanchili Bharthi , Proprietor of BHARATHI ENTERPRISES, 61/10/13,Tank Bond,Ramalingeswara Nagar Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh headquartered at ELURU hereby solemnly declare & undertake that I shall stand liable for re-calibration of SLD/SG’s for any and all fitments of MSG Brand done by me under the capacity of Authorized Dealer of RAPL. I also declare that RAPL shall stand indemnified from any & all liabilities/claims for any sort of wrong or faulty fitments and/or re-calibration done by BHARATHI ENTERPRISES, – ELURU or its authorized representatives (if any).
  9. This certificate shall be void in case of any tampering/breakage of the allotted Roto Seal.
  10. It is further informed that the product shall be under warranty against manufacturing defect for a period of 1 year from the date of its fitment. However, the Dealer/Company would be only responsible if any malfunctioning of SLD is brought to the notice of its Company’s authorized Dealer without there being any action of tampering, breaking of seal.
  11. The company requires the vehicle operator to ensure the inspection and renewal of the SLD on or before the expiry of the warranty period for ensuring the effective working of the SLD.
  12. The company shall not stand accountable for any malfunctioning of the affixed SLD after the period of warranty unless and until the fitment certificate is renewed after re-calibration of the device for such period as many be mentioned in the said certificate.

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