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Sree Padmavati Constructionsis known for its quality and perfection. All our projects experience the refreshing difference of living with nature, set in a beautifully Location. All our apartments are built with unique and excellent architecture. For the last 10 years, the Sree Padmavati Constructionsis constructing apartments, which has been a virtual guarantee of high quality and prompt delivery by earning trust from home owners everywhere. Now we have found a way to bring international quality within the reach of an entirely new category of buyers, young families, executives, professionals and others seek to buy their first home. By doing this, we will help fulfill customers deepest aspiration.

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Sree Padmavati Constructions is of use to every prospective home buyer desirous of buying a dream home. Our team of excellent real estate experts with a track record of building homes for thousands will facilitate the building up of your dream home through their expertise and experience.


Quality is precisely the reason why we have civil engineers and architects in our teams who test all the building quality metrics and then we undertake such projects and strive to make it livable. Premier Projects ensures that all the approvals and clearances are obtained well in advance and the documents are in place.


We arrange for your blessed home within your finances and according to your choice of location and Vastu preferences from our inventory of apartments at different corners and locations of Guntur. The exteriors and the interiors of the homes are matched according to your preferences.

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