The Dove

The Dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit, the Patron of Holy Spirit Educational Institutions. [...]

The Cross

The Cross stands for the Christian character of our educational institutions drawing inspiration. [...]

The Open Book

The Open Book symbolizes the unwritten, unknown future of our students. It symbolizes a destiny. [...]

The Hands

The Hands represent the molding hands of the potter; the loving, caring, nurturing, reaching. [...]

About Us

It is an institution which is highly recognized for its moral formation and academic excellence credit for its construction in initial stages, as also growth in academic excellence, apart from the founding sisters, goes to Sr. Theresa the first principals, Sr. Philo, Sr.Kamala, Sr.Gracy Simon subsequent principals the current one being Sr. Adrin together with these sisters, a host of other dedicated sisters, who it is not possible to name individually, have contributed immensely to raising the standard of the school to its current excellence.

Sr. Theresa was the first H.M to take up the administration of the Holy Spirit school, in Kuchipudi. A tireless worker and passionate missionary, it needs no special mention of her dedicated services to this institution. During her tenure as the Headmistress of the school, strict discipline was maintained. The Holy Spirit English Medium took its birth on 21st June 1993 with 50 children in a temporary shed. In the subsequent years more classes were added. In August 1995, the new school building was inaugurated by the chief guest, Msgr Jacob Kanjirathunkal in the presence of a good number of parents and well wishers.

Our Facilities

The school building has well ventilated classrooms, in a given environment provides an ambience conducive for learning and development.

MOTTO: Learn, Live, Lead


The primary goal of any educational institution is learning. Besides academic excellence, equal importance is given to ‘learning for life’ with an emphasis on life skills. A life-giving ambience, nurturing ground is provided for an integral development of future citizens.


One lives by what one learns. The thrust of the institution is to create an atmosphere, to provide opportunities, to accompany students and empower them to live by human values especially those enshrined in the Vision, Mission and Goals of the institution.


The Holy Spirit Educational institutions aim high and the deepest hope is to prepare future citizens, future global leaders, who are persons of conscience, character, compassion, commitment and competence leading to communion with all.

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