Welcome to Girl Safety Transport

100% Safest Transport service for girls in india.
If you are looking for the safest mode of transport service for your girl child from home to the school/college , yes you’ve come to the right place. We offer wide range of transport facilities for girls to School/ College with the latest & innovative digital technology.

In the current scenaria girl’s are facing many problems & the biggest among them is the travelling. So to bring an end for this problem our Girl Safety Transport is the solution.

Why Choose Us?

In (Girl Safety Transport) GST your girl child with go & come from School/College safely without any chance of difficulties.

Because our vehicles contains special features like

  • CC TV Camera in the Auto/Van
  • Gps Tracking Technology
  • Helping Alarm in the vehicle
  • Security Team that will reach the vehicle in 10 min if any thing happened.