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Welcome To Asian Talent Promotion Forum

Asian Talent Promotion Forum (ATPF) is an international research society, strives to advance knowledge about education, to encourage scholarly inquiry related to education, Arts, Business and to promote the use of research to improve education and serve the public good. It is an amazing platform for the talented in Asian Region. ATPF is a leading International organization initiated to promote mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among talented peoples, leaders and institutions of Asian Origin.



Being a Member of the ATPF

Besides the prestigious title of Member of the Asian Talent Promotion Forum the highest body for Talent Promotion in Asia, as a Member you will be entitled to:
1. Receive certificates, ATPF badges, stickers, posters, and other material, always free of charge.
2. Present your work at International Conferences, international festivals, workshops, competitions and other events organized by ATPF. Publish events at the Amazing Asians -ATPF ‘s official group for events, with the largest visibility:
3. Be informed about opportunities such as scholarships, jobs, invitations to perform, to teach or to lecture, new publications etc. The ATPF has chapters in all Asian countries.
4. Be listed with your full profile in the official ATPF Chapter Directory.
5. Meet other members and be part of a network of Talented Pool including thousands of specialists from all Asian Countries.


Who can join?

Anyone who is involved in the Fine and performing arts or any other field who have exceptional talent to showcase can join the group. You may join as an individual or as a representative of a corporation and become an Ordinary Member. (Teachers, Artists, Dancers, Musicians, Magicians, Organizations, Medical Professionals, Writers, Poets, Actors, Business Professionals etc)

Membership fees

Both types of member pay US$100 yearly for membership.
The membership fee of the ATPF is collected on an annual basis. Membership will entitle you to join the annual ATPF conference, which is held at different destinations in Asia every year. (The conference fee is separate). The ATPF also hosts Workshops, Training Classes, Interactive Sessions, Exhibitions, Solo/Groups shows in different parts of Asia.

Annual ATPF conference

A conference for the members is held at an Asian destination every year.